Contributing to the mobility society
of the 21st century:

Becoming a mobility manufacturer with originality
and unique sensibility


We support creation of the future of automobiles.TOKYO R&D Co., Ltd. has provided customized development services for various research and prototype vehicle projects outsourced by auto manufacturers and auto-parts suppliers. We have successfully achieved numbers of projects lead by a large number of companies in the filed through our proposals utilizing our technological strength and vast experience. Our achievements include complete prototype concept models, test vehicles aimed at production, show models for domestic and overseas motor shows and various special-purpose vehicles, just to name a few.We are prepared and ready to respond to a wide range of engineering and manufacturing needs.


At TOKYO R&D, a group of professionals
in mobility development in each field are gathered.


Total support for mobility development
centered on automobiles.

  • Automotive interior & exterior design
  • Planning · Concept development
  • Prototype vehicle production
  • Evaluation testing
  • Application-specific model production
  • Model-based development
  • Certification acquisition
  • Technological investigation
  • Market research
Next Generation
  • Electric vehicle
  • Hybrid vehicle
  • Fuel cell vehicle
  • Automated driving technology
  • Structural analysis
  • CFRP molding
  • Analysis and optimization (metals and composites)
Computer aided
  • Structural analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Magnetic field analysis
  • Fluid analysis
  • Thermal fluid analysis
  • Analysis and optimization
EV component
  • Motor・Inverter
  • Powertrain
  • Battery management control system
  • Charging system
  • Battery pack
  • Special piping system
  • Wiring


We consult on mobility development centered on
automobiles from various angles.

  • Grasping the current situation
  • Risk & Opportunity Analysis
  • Strategy creation
  • Management improvement
  • Technical diagnosis
  • Roadmap formulation
  • Reporting
  • Improvement support
  • Verification support
  • Operation support


Contribute to the mobility society
of the 21st century.

A safe and secure society, a sustainable society,
And to "realize" a connected society in which all things are connected.
And to create a "dream" that the times envision.
In addition to research and development, Tokyo R&D
We will expand our business domain with the mission of Realize & Dream.
We will contribute to the realization of dreams with a view to all mobile objects.



TOKYO R&D was established as a consigned development company for research and prototype vehicles in 1981. Since then, we have proudly contributed to the evolution of the automotives of today by continually meeting and surpassing the expectations of our clients for various projects, including the development of advanced prototype and mass-produced vehicles as well as the development of automotive parts utilizing state-of-the-art advanced materials and technology.

In celebration of our 40th anniversary in 2021, we have renewed our company logo and incorporated in its design our desire to create added value for society. In line with this, TOKYO R&D has stepped out of its past role as a consigned developer that assists customers with their development work and has declared its aim to become a unique and distinctive "Mobility Manufacturer".

The automotive industry is undergoing a once-in-a-century period of change. The period of self-driving cars, carbon-neutral cars that do not depend on fossil fuels, connected cars that are always connected to various networks, and even flying cars are now at our doorstep.

The mobility we create encompasses all types of moving objects, including these next-generation vehicles. In addition, our endeavors are not limited to the quantifiable areas of technology and quality but we also incorporate human sensibilities and mentalities, such as enjoyment and pleasure in our research and development.

Our group of companies include PUES Corporation, which develops electric drive systems for all types of mobility, and Japan Hydrosystem Industry Co.,Ltd., which develops lightweight composite material products and hose and piping systems for special applications such as high-pressure resistance, high durability, and ultra-lightweight applications. With this combination of advanced technologies, we will continue to create high quality mobility, and promote alliances and collaborations with other industries outside of the mobility industry.

In this way, TOKYO R&D will continue to create an exciting future mobility society.

TOKYO R&D Co., Ltd.
Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Representative Director

Company Profile

Company nameTOKYO R&D Co., Ltd.
Head office location2F Fukoku Seimei Bldg. 2-2-2, Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, 100-0011, Japan
Establishment16 September 1981
Capital250 million yen
Number of Employees107 (As of April 2022)